Episode 17

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21st Oct 2022

Wesley Cipolla: Autistic Super Journalist

Wes Cipolla is an award-winning freelance journalist based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Cipolla is not ashamed to be on the autism spectrum, and he believes that it has led him to the career path that he is currently on.


He has written professionally since the age of 14, was the editor in chief of the newspaper at Albright College, which he graduated from Summa Cum Laude a year early. He has written hundreds of articles of hard news, features and criticism about a wide variety of subjects for multiple publications.

Autism has given Wesley an intense focus and attention to detail that he uses when he is on the job. For an autistic person such as Cipolla, the structure and routine of journalism makes it a perfect fit. He is used to juggling multiple tasks at once and doing repetitive actions, and being a freelance writer requires just that.

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