Episode 2

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23rd Jul 2022

Gail Kraft, Dyslexic Super Coach

Tap into your personal power, embrace your personal purpose, and discover your profound potential right now.

Gail Kraft, Motivational speaker, podcaster, author of The Empowering Process, and Empowerment Master runs retreats and seminars offering various approaches for accessing self-awareness, focus, and emotional balance for healthier and happier living. Gain higher self-awareness, create smarter goals, and lower stress right now.

Dyslexia has allowed Gail to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, which allows her to go full force when she decides to take a risk. She no longer cares about judgement from others, as she has learned that is their issue, not hers.

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About the Podcast

Neurodiversity Superpowers of Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and other unique brains
Success born of Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and all forms of unique brains
For two decades, I believed that my ADHD was a disability. Only at the age of 41 would I come to realize that my ADHD was an incredible asset, and when I leaned into that, I achieved greater success than ever before. ADHD is the engine behind my own success as a networker and coach. Over the past few years, I have spoken with thousands of entrepreneurs, and found that many of them have some kind of neurodiverse diagnosis. ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, OCD, and more. Like me, for many of them, their neurodiversity is indeed the very source of their success. On this show, we will the change the narrative on neurodiversity. I've heard enough about the challenges and hard it can be. I want to hear about how awesome we are. It's time to start talking about how our neurodiversity can be an asset for ourselves, our communities, and our businesses. It's time to start talking about neurodiversity superpowers.

On this show, you will meet dozens of people who are successful because of, not in spite of, their neurodiversity. You will be inspired. You be educated. You will be excited.

I invite you to join me in learned about the world of Neurodiversity Superpowers.

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